My Sugar Freak Blog


3 comments on “My Sugar Freak Blog

  1. ABE says:

    I maintain sanity only by not eating carbs. I miss sugar, in any form, but only function if I keep my sweet tooth completely deprived – only a few packets of Equal a day – sometimes this wonderful no-sugar-added cheesecake I found.

    I have a choice: sugar – or writing.

    Sheesh! The things one has to give up for one’s art!

    • desdemond says:

      Sugar is my life line and main nutrient, I’d walk around with an IV bag attached to myself if I could. It ‘spices’ me up, gets me writing, though it does worsen my mood/depression. But I am an addict, I need help to stop. Unfortunately, no sugar detox centres exist : (

      • PinkieB says:

        I read recently that making yourself aware that you crave sugar as an addictive behavior, and then giving yourself permission to have as much as you want *each *time you eat it will help break the emotional cravings. I’ve never fought with addiction, but I have ADD and I compulsively waste time. It’s been helpful for me.

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