About Me, Dee

  • I am a 48 years old female who feels 100, but often still acts 18. I’ve had CFS/M.E. for almost 22 years.
  • I have owned, fostered, rescued and adopted ferrets for 14 years. Ferrets are bringers of joy and light.
  • I love, love, love to read, check out my goodreads list.
  • I am a real sugar ADDICT, yes, it’s a real addiction.
  • I have  borderline personality disorder, am bipolar 2 and have PTSD, so life can be a bit crazy for me and I can be a bit crazy myself.
  • I suffer frequent debilitating bouts of bipolar depression and anxiety. 
  • I’m a total night owl.
  • I want to keep learning forever. I audit university courses whenever I can. Last year I took Philosophy 101; Aztec, Mayan, and Incan civilizations; and early British history.
  • I enjoy binge watching old shows I never got to see, plus some new ones, like ‘orange is the new black’, ‘the walking dead’, ‘bosch’.
  • I love movies, especially weird ones, foreign ones, film noir, horror, but also straight up silly ones and some blockbusters, too. I like the Marvel Universe.
  • I lost my dad in 2016, at the age of 76, to the ravages of Parkinson’s disease. He and my mom had been married over 52 years.

5 comments on “About Me, Dee

  1. sri utami says:

    Hello…Greetings from Indonesia. I enjoy reading your posts. Tamy 🙂

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