How exquisite it would be to release myself out upon the welcoming ocean,

Drifting on my back, unencumbered,

by clothes, or thought,

Buoyed by the waters, embraced,

the five senses my only companions.

Lick, and taste my crusty, salty, wet lips.

Breathe, and smell salinity, slight tang of fish and seaweed,

Ocean air seeping into my nostrils, infusing my body.

Feel the softened old baby blanket of the waters caressing over my body,

licking across my belly and nipples, tickling the hair between my legs,

under my arms,

Gently cupping my back, legs, head, buttocks.

My hair, languid, spreading out  and mingling with the sea that softly combs through it, like my mother’s fingers when I was young. 

Faint call of the seabirds,

Low throm of the wind,

The musical swell that accompanies the ever so slight rise and fall, 

Ascent and descent of my body,

A low rhythm, almost imperceptible, 

Tiny waves creating tiny slaps, as water meets flesh.

And in my vision blue-grey skies, sprawling on and on into infinity,

Sun piercing down through ever changing clouds, warming my moist exposed skin, heat on eyelids, making them sweetly heavy,

And the very sea itself, mimicking the sky, endless, carrying me gently on into eternity.

 © 2016

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