Playing with Lyrica again

Oct. 21st 10 p.m. Tried 300 mg lyrica tonight at 8 pm…..nada. 
Ok, things have changed.  It’s 8 am the following day and I feel drunk as a skunk – why do skunks get drunk…..from eating fermented fruit….I just pop Lyrica.  The four 75 mg pills were taken pretty much on an empty stomach.  Then I waited and waited and there was no effect. So I figured I just got lucky the first time I did them @ only 150 mg, and flew right away.  However, finally, about 11 pm they started to hit, just a nice, mellow body stone, heavy limbs, nice and relaxed, and yet strangely hyper in a calm way if that makes sense.  I wanted to clean and organize but felt no pressure to do it, more like a happy, buzzy busyness.  I spent time just fiddling around, played some solitaire, timed, on which I did awesome, every thing seemed very clear and easy, very focused on the cards.  Then I decided to try to lay down and just feel the buzz, but I couldht relax ans kept jumping up to drink tea, smoke, play more computer games.  Finally I snuggled up to my man and fell asleep.  I don’t remember my dreams, which is unusual, as they are normally vivid and I wake knowing what I dreamed.  Oct.  22nd I woke at 7  am and felt very, very stoned, light headed, giggly, kinda staggering and talking slurry.  I went for a walk in the woods and ended up staggering around just like I was drunk, singing and humming and talking to myself out loud.  Now it’s near 8:30a.m. and I just feel nice, sleepy, a bit woozy, coming down now I’m    sure.  No desire to eat,  just to drink coffee and smoke and play on the computer more till I get to sleepy to function, then I’m hoping for a nice long sleep with cool dreams.  Next time I will take the pills early in the evening, maybe around 5 pm, so I can enjoy the full trip without sleeping. PS I also had a 0.5 mg clonazepam at 4 pm, don’t know if this affected my high or not.
12pm – wow, still stoned, getting a headache, still hyper.
4pm exhausted now, getting a bad headache, been on computer since noon.
8pm stone gone, nausea
Oct. 23rd 12 a.m.  OMG – migraine – never again, right?

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