First Step

Greeting all my millions of readers. : )  My first step….admitting, to all of you, that I have a problem. I want to share with you the very real ups and downs of being an addict.
Sugar is my drug of choice and I’ve been addicted since I was 14. And I do mean addict, full blown junkie, with all the seeking out and covering up, lying, stealing, guilt, self-loathing, fighting, relationship problems, physical damage and other nasty effects that come with addiction of any sort.
You may think sugar does not qualify as an addiction, and that this entry somehow disrespects other addictions. This is in no way true, and I hope no one feels as if I’m making light of addiction in general, but it has ruled my life for over 30 years now and wreaked some havoc on me and my family. However, I want to try to keep the tone of my future entries light and somewhat humorous while at the same time shedding light on a very real problem. I hope you enjoy my posts and get something out of them.

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