Step Counting and Puppies



I have gotten a puppy recently, 12 days ago, and I decided to wear my pedometer all day to see how much more I move around with having to walk and exercise the puppy.  Too much it seems. Getting so tired, weary and worn feeling now, especially since I’m winding down now from the Abilify affects, and I’m getting dozy and lazy from the Seroquel.  Often I skip it, it’s too sedating, especially since I’m supposed to take a clonazepam at the same time. I can’t afford to be all sleepy and drugged out with a puppy.

I must say I really loved the Abilify for its stimulating effect, even if it felt like I was on uppers. I knew that month-long hypo-mania caused by the Abilify would catch up to me. Anyway, now I measure my total distance a day on my ped, moving about the house, yard, walks etc., Walking the puppy and general activity brings me just under a mile a day (wearing my pedometer religiously – 0.9 miles last week) on average. 1 mile a day doesn’t sound like much I know, but for me, who used to get in maybe 250 to 700 steps a day (on a good day), it’s absolutely fantastic. My weekly step average last week was 2367.5 steps, while this week i did 2640.9 steps (1 mile). That’s about a 10% increase (0.9 miles to 1 mile).

Judging on how i felt yesterday and today though (drained, wiped, weak), I may have to drop it back and keep it more around 2450 steps this week and see if I’m less tired. I might just be moving up to fast. You’re supposed to work up to 10,000 steps a day or 4 miles roughly. I want to do this but might have to make my way a bit slower than other people, maybe a 1 or 2% increase a week, even 5%, instead of 10% all the sudden.

Plus the puppy went swimming the other day and I went in with him, and the current was strong and I was wearing a full length cotton gown and fell may times so soaked myself through, so I found that very draining. Well, off I go to Halifax., I certainly don’t feel like it, feel like I need to sleep 12 hours, but I’m supposed to meet with the day hospital people, so it’s pretty important I’m sure to show up if I want in.  They may even give me a date to start.  Should be interesting, I’ll let you know how it goes. TTFN

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