These are all my current meds and doses for my depression, CFS, PTSD, BPD etc.  The meds and supplements/vitamins I am currently on are:
Paxil (Paroxetine):50 mg at night – since 1996 – depression
Sythroid: 0.162 nightly – dead thyroid, treated for hyperthyroidism in 1990 with radioactive iodine (they overdid it).
Tecta : 40 mg in a.m. – GERD
I developed an esophageal ulcer at a young age (19)from severe reflux since I was little, have unusually low stomach pH, try to follow a GERD diet.
Klonopin (clonazepam): 1 mg nightly plus 1 mg 2X/day – for sleep and anxiety.  Usually take between 1 to 3 mg day according to my anxiety, need to sleep.
Seroquel(quetiapine: 100mg nightly for sleep, mood stabilization, adjunct for depression + 50 mg 2x/day (sometimes only take once a day or 25 mg 2x/day.Cortef(Hydrocortisone): 17.5 mg – adrenal insufficiency diagnosed 2 years ago, trying to rest my adrenal gland, it is slowly coming back ‘online’ as I reduce my cortef dosage (started on 30 mg) by 2.5 mg every 2 weeks. Update:back up to 25 mg last 2 months, dropping to 22.5 today (may 14/2013)UPDATE-JUNE 9TH/2013: BACK DOWN TO 17.5 MG
Lyrica (Pregabalin): 75 mgx2/day – for CFS, pain, anxiety (GAD)but I’m going to only take 75 mg at night from now on because it makes me very loopy. Update: hardly ever use as makes me very stoned.
Advair(salmeterol and fluticasone): 50/250 ug – for asthma (mild) as needed basically.
New drug added may 8th/2013 Abilify for depression adjunct and mood stabilization 1 mg for 2 weeks, then 2 mg. UPDATE:  Abilify caused such problems I was removed from it June 4th.

My Supplements:  for CFS, general health
Evening Primrose oil 500 mg x1/daily
Probiotic 30 billion cells x1/day
Magnesium Oxide 400 mg x2/day
B12 1000mcg x2/day
Vit D 1000 IU x 2 o3/day
Greens + Multi 1 scoop daily (excellent)
Bodylogix Woman’s Protien/Fibre podwer 1 scoop/daily (helps me meet my protien/fibre goals)
Vit B50 x1/day
Vit C 500 mg 2-2x/day
Papaya Enzyme 90mg 3xday/meals
Coenzyme Q 200 mg x1/day
Zinc 25 mg x1/day
Sea-Sel-200 Trace Mineral x1/day
Ecological Formulas Tri-salts (keep pH balanced) 1/2 tsp x1/day
Ulta Fibre 3 tabs/daily
Ca/Vit D chews x2/day (600mg Ca/400IU)
FeraMAX 150 Iron tab x1/week
Potassium Chloride/Gluconate 1/2 tsp (1200mg) daily
Fish Oil 1gram x1/day

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