Things I miss: Part 1

I adored singing all my life. I sang my brothers and sisters to sleep every night with Kriss Kristofferson songs, and was often asked by my mom to sing. I sang constantly on car rides too. I was in church choir and took guitar. I had a boyfriend who played guitar and we would sing together at variety concerts, around campfires with others, etc. I adored it and was told I was a good singer. After I became ill I tried taking singing lessons to better myself voice and learn to read music. It was then I found the extent of the drain it took on me. I couldn’t continue as it would leave me bedridden for days, exhausted and with severe air hunger and painful costochondritis  Costochondritis

Now, on good days, I sing to myself as I sweep a bit or sing in the shower or car. My voice is terrible, a rusty croak, my current boyfriend puts up with it though, which is nice. I tried doing two YouTube videos awhile back of my singing “Non, Je ne regrette rien” and “The Night the Lights went out in Georgia I redid them over and over for 3 days or so, unsatisfied, and ended up bedridden and starving for oxygen for weeks. My rib cage and chest wall were severely inflamed and I was in terrible pain So, yep, definitely something I miss. What do you miss most in your restrictions due to your illness??

Air hunger is a phrase used to describe an ongoing sensation of not being able to get enough air to breathe comfortably. A person suffering from air hunger may feel the persistent need to take deep breaths or yawn in an attempt to get more oxygen into the lungs. Some feel as though they have “forgotten” how to breathe correctly, can’t breathe deeply enough, and may be frightened at the prospect of not being able to breathe.

The seeming lack of oxygen can also trigger dizziness, hyperventilation, and the fear of suffering a heart attack. -Leigh Peterson


3 comments on “Things I miss: Part 1

  1. lilmissblog says:

    I just had a massive Costo attack in the shower I always do not sure why! But now maybe I know I sing in the shower! Ahh I too love to sing ice been asking people if singing causes a flare up and no ones answered me 😦 I feel your pain quite literallyv:(

  2. lilmissblog says:

    Does singing flare yours up ? I’ve been singing in the shower and I’m thinking that may be bringing it on. I thought it may relax me but if singing does flare it up that maybe why the showers dont help me.

    • desdemonad says:

      I sometimes sing very softly or for just a verse or humm and that’s not too bad but if I put any effort into it I am short of breath and in pain with costrochondritis for days to weeks. I can’t use anti-inflammatories but sometimes I use voltaren gel and that helps.

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