A New Hope

This winter and most of spring 2013 were just stressful, mentally and physically. I got so tired in December, especially after trying to keep up with all the seasonal activities, and have been so since.   Last month was a total write off.  I went to visit my aunt for 3 weeks and was terribly relapsed the whole time.  Instead of having fun, going out to eat, seeing movies, visiting etc. I lay in bed 80% of the time in an almost coma like state.  When I awoke, I was able to drag my butt downstairs to eat supper and visit a bit with my aunt, maybe watch an hour TV,  then nod off, and back to bed.  The unfortunate thing is I think this could have been avoided. Image

Before I left on my trip I felt like I was developing a bladder infection.  I decided to self treat with lots of cranberry juice and Buscopan for the bladder spasms.  I thought it was gone, though once in awhile, while visiting, I’d feel some mild symptoms.  My last day there, the symptoms increased, and when I got back home and went to my Dr., sure enough I had a raging infection with blood in the urine and all.  I’m so mad at myself because this infection is what probably had me so sick during my visit.  If only I’d gone to the Dr. before I left. Anyway now I’m on antibiotics, which sadly, always make me feel like crap the week I’m taking them and the week after, so more wasted time. Oh, well, my own stupid fault for being slack about the infection in the first place.

Now, however, because I’ve been so sick my depression and anxiety have got out of hand.  The day I went to the Dr. I ended up freaking out, breaking down, crying, wailing, yelling, made a total ass of myself……but on the upside of my meltdown he has now put me on Lyrica (75mg/2xday) for GAD, submitted an urgent request for me to get in to see a social worker at the mental health clinic, and (best of all?) put in a urgent referral to the environmental clinic here which deals with patients with CFS/ME/MCS.  They have Dr.’s, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychoanalysis,  sauna therapy, a dietitian, allergy testing and much more.  So these steps are something for me to look forward too, I’m in a better mood already!

My Dr. (family G.P.) says Lyrica is supposed to be very good for CFS, Fibromyalgia,  and Generalized Anxiety Disorder,  and he upped my clonazepam too. I can take up to 3 mg daily for anxiety. So hopefully all will settle now and I’ll be feeling better soon.  I’ll keep you up to date on my Lyrica trial (I sure hope it works, it cost a fortune) and the clinic happenings once I get in. I would be VERY interested in hearing from anybody who had any experience with Lyrica.  Hugs to all, thanks for reading this, wishing you all good things

5 comments on “A New Hope

  1. codedjeannie says:

    Get well soon! Stay happy and inspired despite those circumstances. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

  2. mm172001 says:

    My sister took lyrica for a short period after ankle surgery to help with nerve pain and she said it helped; maybe only a week though. My mom took it for a short term (a few months) for fibromyalgia but didn’t find it helpful. Unsure about the dose for either though.

    • desdemond says:

      Yeah, drugs act differently on everyone. With Lyrica, some people need huge doses for relief, some tiny, some can’t handle the side effects and some it just doesn’t work and they take Neurontin instead. I tried Neurontin (Gabapentin) but it made me very aggressive and weirdly stoned. Thanks for your comment.

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