My Adorables

These are my precious ferrets, all rescues.♥


6 yrs old Rescued from a high kill dog shelter, found hairless and emaciated at the shelter in a box . Playful, sweet tempered, loves my mom’s dog, likes to snuggle at my feet in bed.  Likes to be given raisins to hide.


6 years old, a big guy, with a big personality, loves the bathtub and shower, hates dogs, .  Spoiled, demanding, plays hard and sleeps hard.  Doesn’t like any other ferrets except his sister Ginger.  Loves treats, LOVES them! Likes to find crazy places to sleep, like under the filing cabinet.


7 years old, a real lady, very gentle, calm, sweet, likes to snuggle and sleep in drawers.  Likes food a lot, so she’s nice and plush, very soft thick fur, so she’s like a stuffed animal.  Just quietly goes her own way, likes to re-arrange her living quarters by moving her toys about to different spots every day.  Gets silly and acts real cutesy occasionally.


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